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What is SNRPG?
SNRPG is a story revolving around Noobly and his friends in a nearly utopic world. Despite the world's state, they always seem to find adventure lurking behind every corner. The story is set on the Internet (or an interpretation of such), thus everything in the world can be modified digitally, and assets can be added or removed with little hassle. Like the Internet, things can happen quickly, and this universe has seen large changes over the years.

SNRPG History
SNRPG1.0 (Aug 2005 - Mar 2007)
This world was created in the year 5 of the Second Age of the Internet, the year 35 of the UNIX Epoch, or the year 2005 Anno Domini, depending on who you ask. At this point, the world was very simple. It looked like Earth from space, but from the ground, it was boring. There were too many mountains in the mountain ranges, and too few trees in the forests. The universe itself was heliocentric, that is, everything within the universe orbited around Sol. Physics were poorly defined, life was boring, graphics were shitty vector, and there was very little to do. And very little was done. This was a forgotten era. Noobly did exist, as did some others, but they didn't interact with the world very much.

SNRPG2.0 (Mar 2007 - Jun 2009)
This marks the beginning of recorded SNRPG history. Many assets were injected into SNRPG, bringing new life into the world. Many new races came into being, new structures and machines were built, and a vague plot unfolded. Noobly built a magical house that acted like a tesseract, and he and his friends Options and Pika McRaichu III would take residence there. They would build a town named Pikaton, and would send many Alpha-class rockets across the Sol System. Joining them would be a dragon named Scorch, Pika's brothers, his mate Pikapi, and their son Pika McRaichu IV, among many others. Their asteroid mining operations would make them rich beyond belief, funding further silliness.

SNRPG3.0 to 5.0 (Jun 2009 - Apr 2013)
In this period, many smaller story arcs would rise and fall. Vectors would become polished, more items and creatures would be added, and later, proper voxels would be introduced. More elements of realism are introduced, and the characters slowly become aware of the true state of their world. They would make their first attempt to break out of this universe by using dreams, but the world seems to act like the Matrix, thus their efforts were fruitless.

SNRPG6.0 (Apr 2013 - Mar 2014)
Here, they would try again to break out of the universe, this time by creating a device that will turn data into matter and place it outside, but it fails. Graphics further improved, and physics became much more refined. The plot became more detailed, and new characters joined the party. A robotic version of Pika McRaichu III, named Pikacom, was built to help with many projects. Noobly would spend a lot of time running from and fighting his parents, who want him to leave the world and come back to the mundane Real World. The world began to see a strange darkness grow in this period.

SNRPG7.0 and 8.0 (Mar 2014 - Feb 2015)
The graphics slid back to nothing more than a command prompt, and physics began to break down. Despite this, the team of friends would push on. They would again attempt to break out, twice, but would fail each time. In SNRPG7.0, they would attempt to reach the edge of the universe on Scorch's back. In SNRPG8.0, they would attempt to teleport out. In both instances, their efforts were fruitless.

SNRPG9.0 and 10.0 (Feb 2015 - Apr 2017)
In this time, Pikaton became a country. The universe would transition to being a server, with 2D sprite graphics and slightly better physics. The framerate was terrible, however. New users, Bomboy, Karma, Pixel, Supernerd, and Zecca, would join from beyond, two of which would found other nations which would ally with Pikaton, and with Evina Laxworth's nation, would fight a terrible and bloody war against the peoples of the Earth to free the deltatypes (new monsters). Wave, Saber, Akira, Samantha, and Evina would inevitably join the party, bringing the headcount over 20. However, new tensions, and the darkness looming over the world, would cause several of the group to leave the universe forever. Their doing so showed the way, and the next era could finally commense...

Trans-Core Era (Apr 2017 - Feb 2019)
In this era, the group of twenty-odd characters entered a wider world. New friends and enemies would be made, new powerful technologies would be built or discovered, universes would be created and destroyed, wars would be fought, and chaos would reign. The decade old story would get mixed up in the stories of others, causing many discrepencies in client physics. Dark code would be picked up, corrupting many, especially Noobly and Samantha. In this era, several universes of many kinds banded together into a network of sorts, called the Trans-Core Pipeline. However, drama and ignorance would cause the network's slow decline. Due to the canon of the home universe being tied with that of the others for so long, it will be painful to revert. However, hopefully, we won't have to revert completely...

undefined Era (Feb 2019 - ???)
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