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[49 Jun 24th] DEFCON 4/NETSTAT 3: Tensions between Iran and US are unusually high./Cloudflare went down today, taking a significant portion of the Net with it. The reason given is due to a route leak. As of writing (13:30), it has been fixed, and the lost portion of the Net is being restored.
[49 Jun 20th] This website is celebrating its third birthday today!
[49 Jun 03rd] We have rearranged the website a bit to make it easier to work on. If something broke, please report it on the forums!
[49 May 29th] We now use for our subcounter, for as long as that will last...
[49 May 29th] T-Series passed 100M subs! New award to be announced soon!
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What is SNRPG?
SNRPG is a story revolving around Noobly and his friends in a nearly utopic world. Despite the world's state, they always seem to find adventure lurking behind every corner. The story is set on the Internet (or an interpretation of such), thus everything in the world can be modified digitally, and assets can be added or removed with little hassle. Like the Internet, things can happen quickly, and this universe has seen large changes over the years.

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